As we face these uncertain times, the need for raising the money to support our athletes and their families has never been as great as it is today.
Please HELP GLASA by making a donation today and bridge the gap so we can continue our work to build better lives for our physically and visually disabled population.

Great Lakes Adaptive Sports Association (GLASA) promotes and supports the optimal development and well-being of youth and adults and military veterans, who have a physical or visual disability by providing adaptive recreational, fitness and competitive sports programs. GLASA offers opportunities for empowerment through education, leadership and training in Northern Illinois, including the City of Chicago and Southern Wisconsin.


All proceeds will directly support GLASA’s year-round, daily adaptive sports programming and provide financial assistance for over 72% of GLASA athletes through the Athlete Scholarship Fund.


Some ways GLASA has continued to make a difference in 2018-2019

  • GLASA served 1020 individuals of which 225 were injured veterans and 675 were children
  • GLASA provided life changing volunteer opportunities
  • GLASA offered 250 days of programming providing 2411 program hours in 60 different locations
  • 100% of GLASA high school seniors went to college since 2014. Nationally, only 14% of individuals with disabilities have a college degree.

86.3 cents of every dollar donated goes directly to GLASA’s athletes!

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